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M6: GT Motoring in Style

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The BMW M6 Coupe` is their new and impressive flagship car, and for good reason. This car is capable of many things,and with all the gadgets available it is a toy that can be enjoyed by both Ladies and Gentlemen and the Boy/Girl – racer within!

Before you buy a Porsche Cayman S – £44,107, read on and have a look at the aerodynamic, in built safety, luxurious and sporty BMW M6 costing £80,000 – £83,700+ and a 4 SEATER! It’s £20,000 more than the M5.

First up it can handle any situation from cross – country to a race-track and looks the executive part, unless you go for the competition package! Wider rims, adjustable suspension, contoured bonnet and Pirelli sports tyres costing an extra £2,135.

There are many similarities the M6 has to the M5 saloon, it has the same – prestigious award(s) winning – v10 engine, and has the same 7 gears, same torque (max 60,000 revs), power, gadgets, and top speed of 155mph. You can also buy the M6 in a convertible version costing £88,370.

It has 2 less doors than the M5, a lighter carbon fibre roof, and the M6 is also 1 sec faster to 62mph as BMW put it “Standstill to 62mph in the blink of an eye”, the 507hp v10 engine accelerates this Gran Turismo to 60mph in 4.6 seconds faster than the Porsche Cayman S – 5.4sec and an Aston Martin v8 – whilst sounding terrific, better than Michael Jackson!

BMW boasts – thanks to their notorious circuit “Nordschleife” of Nuburgring in Germany – their dream of a Sports car with race ability! The use of Motorsports technology in the M6 is evident, they even use banned F1 technology, called ‘Launch Control’ (for track use they say) plant the accelerator to the floor after disengaging the dynamic stability control (DSC) and it revs up each gear to exactly the right point getting you your 4.6secs! The red sport indicator shows a maximum of 8250rpm! Good statistics, given that the car weighs 1650kg and there’s a 450-litre boot, wonder what you’d put in there if you buy the competition package?

The wheels are awesome! 19” light alloy M double – spoke style, and there are 6 colours available for the car, 5 metallic and 1 non-metallic, and the suspension is nearly all aluminium. The output the M6 offers is 507hp, the upholstery is dashing with Full black merino leather which includes the dashboard and steering wheel as well as a splash of carbon-fibre on the interior trim to match the art of work – that is the engine – “the most elegant way of showing muscle.”

Intriguingly there are also M trademark lateral grills, and a clean elegant yet imposing front apron; adding to the aesthetic beauty there’s the deep front intakes providing air to the 5-0 – litre as well as the braking system. An aerodynamic feature that the M6 has is the NASCAR style M door mirrors. There are two dual chrome plated stainless steel tail-pipes on each side my favourite! Also there are side gills showing more incorporation of aerodynamicity and M sports’ design.

There is an onboard computer which looks after everything monitoring the position of the acceleration pedal 200 times p/s/ and making 200,000,000, million calculations p/s/. You have differential settings and what they call the ‘i-drive’ gives you access to the vehicle settings such as giving you 400bhp to 507 bhp, you can also turn on and off the traction control and comfort settings for the suspension. Whereas the M-drive gives you access to your own customised settings of the car such as cross-country or sport driving.

The M6 is fitted with hill detection for perfect driving up and down hills; they also offer a good emergency service with a dedicated fleet equipped with Genuine Parts and tools 24/7, and they offer this service even if your driving in Europe (valid for 3 years) and you’ll need it – especially if you turn off the traction control!

Extras/Options include a 752 BMW individual Audio System. BMW servicing is 5years/60,000 miles (covered till whatever comes first) including Labour and parts – costing £3,220.

The head up display is one of the coolest features, it projects driver focused information – such as engine speed, gear selected and road speed – directly on to the windscreen and even better – indicating when to shift gear; so there is no need to take your eyes of the road. The M6 also has a sport multi-function steering wheel, which blends luxury with sporting intent! The SMG gearshift paddles which are F1 inspired allow for worryingly quick gear changes! This is however good for the long-term condition of the car, providing a pleasant drive and peace of mind for the future.

 With the M6, BMW have hit the executive and sports market with something majestic!



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May 22, 2009 at 4:54 pm

The Porsche Cayman – S edition

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The S – factor – Super Coupe`

Cayman S

Scary! Sporty! Sassy! Sexy!  And better than the Boxster although not as good as their prized and prestigious 911. Has the company stopped short of making it better than the 911? So read on and decide for yourself…

The design of this car is owed much to Porsche’s Limited edition Super-sports car- Carrera GT! The Cayman S still has a distinctive look and is aerodynamic.

The 3.4-litre six-cylinder engine develops an impressive 0-60mph in 5.4 seconds, with a top speed of 170mph. The S gives flight and sounds as aggressive as the 911’s Carrera’s. The centrally twin mounted stainless steel exhausts sound magnificent -chrome plated (opt).

Pitched as an alternative to the Mercedes SLK and BMW Z4 and Porsche’s all round best – However TopGears’ Jeremy Clarkson named it the “Coxster”.

It’s a classy model with Porsche precision engineering; making it easy to impress friends with the extra space provided by two boots – not the family as the car is Porsche standard – a two-seater.

The S – edition is an upgrade from the Cayman the “Sports” edition and was released 2005 (£44,107) the latest version is the Special Edition 1 (777 only available in Black) £49,890.

The S is a (3.4-litre) whilst its predecessor is now (2.9-litre from 2.7). As standard is an impressive looking sports-car at 70mph; the speed the spoiler automatically appears like magic making you feel lonely in a court of Law – having been caught by a speed camera, this is not a reason to get upset as there is a manual operating option.

A rear wheel drive, with a precise six-speed manual gear box, tuned to give shorter shifts. The 3.4-litre flat-six has been tuned up from 295bhp to 303bhp, and the car has been dropped by 10mm on its springs. It has 6 gears as Standard and as an extra you could have seven with PDK (£1907) – Automatic and Manual transmission – the PDK allows the car to be in two gears at once which gives the car faster and smoother changes – fantastic as you can use the sports steering wheel to change gears. Cayman S fitted with 18” wheels – 19” available on request – The alloys are a beauty to look at and you can differentiate between the Cayman and the S as the latter has red braking system callipers – exquisite!

Both Models are as Standard with Halogen lights, LED position lights and front fog lights – integrated into the outer air intakes, my favourite as it makes the car look sporty and complements the stylish and classy grills making for a spicy front. The side vents are also bigger to improve airflow. I love the flared wheel-arches and with a steeply sloping hatchback give the Cayman S a unique sporty yet executive look.

Safety is good 6 airbags as standard – always ready for a side impact. Continuing with their Active Safety (scheme or scam) there are Cornering lights which swivel to 15˚ costing £1000+ available on request.

The S factor gives the car the sweetest and swiftest of handling of all cars on the market today. The race rookie would need composure to handle the factor whilst the Porsche Proficient Professional would be able to enjoy it for hours; and as for the executive of today he/she would be impressed by the comfort inside and on the road.

For the modern executive of today, Porsche have incorporated what they call a PCM-(optional) and arrives rather than the standard radio and onboard computer with a 6CD-DVD changer and Sat-Nav with Bluetooth/AUX/I-pod/mobile phone.

Insurance is £500-£900 p/m. Petrol is 20-30m to the gallon. The lowest CO2 output. The car is known for making excessive noise; you could opt for the tasteful BOSE sound system if you wanted to drown out the sound. The interior dials are aesthetic with – aluminium plating – unless you go for the Sports Chrono package.

The car has leather seats (partial leather) as standard, no climate controls. The two-year warranty is not the best value for money – the engine is in a position which makes it hard to work on – £1,383 for 3services. Yet they do have a fine reputation for quality and reliability.

The S- edition offers a valuable buy at £44,107. With all the upgrades (19”Alloys/BI- XENON – Cornering lights/ rain detecting wipers/ dimming mirror/light-sensitive/sat-nav etc) taking the total to £50,000 or more. Value is good as it’s not available in quantity the price could be sustained if you’ve customized your car with Porsche.

I’ll end with a quote from Porsche “In short your new Cayman has been designed with everyday enjoyment in mind, ordinary enjoyment, however, would not be Porsche.

Porsche.com will give you the full details on exterior and interior features.

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May 8, 2009 at 3:38 pm

Interview with Doom Man – UK Rapper

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Doom Man

Local Harrow Rapper big in Europe and soon the UK!

Gino Morgan stage name Doom-Man aged 29 from Harrow, with and Jamaican parents, has been in the UK rap game for over ten years, and has many achievements to his name. He has performed with De La Soul, and has packed out venues in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Prague, France, Germany and even Poland where US rapper Jay-Z was performing last week.

Born at Park Royal Hospital in North West London, he resided in Stonebridge till the age of seven then moved to Perryvale, to eventually end up in Harrow, where he is continuing his journey to make it big in the UK as a rap star.

Doom-Man is well known at the local Petri Bar in Harrow where he has performed to a crowd no more than 50 on regular occasions, and has done so without wanting to gain profit from his fellow residents “I do it out of the love for music and that’s what has kept me going for so long.”

The Doom-Man has had his fair share of performances in the UK, Doom has been on BBC Radio1 on Ras Kwame’s show, performing at BBC’s Maida Vale studios, Doom also has a video on Channel U where he has a video to accompany his song “Have you any flows” with a tune based on the nursery rhyme Ba Ba Black Sheep; He also has a song with Harvey from So Solid Crew called “We ride”.

This upcoming UK artist definitely does have lyrics, and beats that all flow; surprisingly he has had more success in Europe than the UK. When asked why he thought this was he said “They love pure Hip-Hop out there, and they prefer the UK artists because we’re actually going out there to perform, whereas in the UK rap is more saturated with genres and has more of a diverse audience, so it’s a harder market to break, but not impossible, soon very soon.”

You may be wondering where the inspiration for the name came from, “I was a huge fantastic four fan and the idea of the Marvel characters really appealed to me.” So much so that in 2000 he and his brother “Punisha” came up with the idea to start a group called “Da Marvel” the concept derived from the well known Marvel superhero characters. “I liked the sound of Doom-Man because it represents my style of rap, dark, sinister, and serious sounding; I also liked the “man”, similar to artists Method man and Red Man both of whom have inspired me significantly.”

The comic character theme has allowed Doom to be more animated in his lyrics and this is obvious in a track called Superman “spit the flow like a locomotive train, no we’re not the same, here to lock the game.” The game he refers to is the rap game of course, and Doom-Man genuinely seems to be one of the upcoming stars in the game, with a unique storytelling style filled with energy, character, humour, charisma and although intricate at times, he still manages to articulate himself with a simple charm that everybody can understand.

Doom-Man has a variety of tracks, with an assortment of sounds utilized from many genres from hip hop, soul, classical, garage, grime, rock, and even reggae, with one track in particular sampling a Bob Marley track called Kaya (Getaway) which will be on Doom-Man’s upcoming album date still to be announced called Doomsday.

I asked what message the album was sending and what his message is for those in the UK, he says in his sinister voice “To those in the UK it’s time, time to do something before doomsday comes (he laughs), its about anything you want to do in your life, do it. Take opportunities, embrace your life, soak it all in, sleep with different cultures, and travel, you only have one life so enjoy it. It’s time for the UK artists like me to set the platform and to show the US that we have artists just as good as they do. Doomsday is my attempt at sending this message.” Keep an eye out for Doom-Man either at Petri Bar, or on radio or TV, he is set to make it big in the near future.

For more information on Doom-Man or to listen to his tracks visit:


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May 2, 2009 at 2:56 pm

A News Radio Package about Asylum Seekers

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This was a package produced whilst I was at The Brit School and aired on Brit Fm – where I worked as a Presenter and Editor/Producer of the News and Sports Team. It focuses on Asylum Seekers and includes vox-pops and interviews from Croydon Council and Asylum Seekers.

Click here to listen


The next file is an audio file of my demo for an Asian Radio station


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May 2, 2009 at 1:27 pm

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