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The Crossfire is a misfire within the Sports Coupe` Scene

Chrysler Crossfire Coupe

This Crossfire costs £27,000+ for a manual (6 speed) version and an automatic (5 speed) costs £28,000, although and straight to the point you would be better off buying a Mercedes SLK which costs between (£29,445.00 – £51,585.00 – varying on the model), as in essence The Crossfire is based on the SLK.

The car is a cross-breed with an American badge, Germans putting it together and an Englishman called Andrew Dyson designing the car.

The car is made up of 39% of Mercedes components and a positive is that it has the SLK’s 3.2 litre V6 (18 valve – 275bhp) which gives the car a racy feel to add to its racy look. The engine (if you put your foot down fully on the pedal) produces 0-60mph in 6.5 seconds with a maximum speed of 150mph and the capacity to produce 4,000 rpm and a Torque of 229 lb-ft.

The car is smoother than the SLK in gear shifts and the quality of the engine provides the car with the pick-up needed for respectful motorway driving. The fuel economy happens to be the same as the SLK and similar to the SLK this is a car for both sexes as it is fun and entertaining in its looks and style, whilst being well built. Everyone looks good in one!

The car is not built for the cross-country scene, you’ll feel every bump and hole with this car, as its low-seated, yet the road handling is good, with the difference in the alloyed tyres 18” on the front and 19” on the rear giving excellent grip to the road. The chassis is known to be solid, it seems more work needs to be done on improving the suspension. The Crossfire is beautiful at cornering with the help of the automatic spoiler, and the noise produced by the sound system, the exhaust and the engine are unique!

2005 Chrysler Crossfire SRT6 Full Rear View This is the lates Chrysler Crossfire SRT-6 – without an Automatic Spoiler – yet has the same Dual exhausts!

My favourite is that it looks good from the front and rear and has stylised lines in the form of ridges/rippled lines starting from the front wheel arches to the rear; the car also has a wonderful grill that takes in a lot of air to keep the car cool. The Bonnet has a bunch of lines which give the car an overall vintage look – due to its extended boldly shaped rear – and the front is modern like the SLK.

The interior has a space-taking spinal theme incorporating the climate control and radio with an aluminium look for the knobs and buttons yet the car still seems spacious! There is a danger of easy scratching on the shiny touches that make up the centre console. The visibility is poor due to low seating and lack of window from the rear, making parking difficult; this is the beginning of the faults and there are many others. Problems have been reported with the headlights and heated seats, and that the steering wheel has a tendency to wonder off centre.

The crossfire costs more than its competition the Mazda RX8 and the Nissan 305Z and is valued at less. It has to be said that the SLK and the Audi TT (£25,420) look better. The Crossfire has a limited appeal with a niche` audience for people who primarily love the way it looks.

A plus is that the safety features are good, it has a 4 wheel anti-lock braking system, anti-lock brake discs with brake assist, traction and stability control, side airbags, and an alarm system, with a reputation for being built solidly.

The car should hold on to its value as it has limited appeal; there is plenty of room in the boot, and for passengers. It also has automatic windows and locks. If you wanted to spend more on your car you could opt for the DVD-Sat-Nav system, and automatic adjustable seats.

Overall the car has its Positives and Negatives, you are advised to do your research on experiences’ owners have had with this car, as you may find complications down the road. Mentioning the green factor this car’s CO2 outputs is 256g/km – compared and contrasted with the SLK models’ (190g/km 225g/km and 288g/km) – take into consideration it’s a Sports car!

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