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Alfa Romeo – MiTo – Compact Sports Car

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Alfa Romeo


The car that will handle all Spaghetti Roads

This tough compact sports 3 door car is designed from the Alfa Romeo’s 8C Competizione` model, both built with a formula one styled face. The Italians have taken time to stylishly build the MiTo. It drives well in different conditions as it has three modes referred to as DNA – Dynamic, Normal, and All Weather- for sports fun, city agility, and lack of skidding. This car will have you impressed, amused, entertained, and enjoying!

 Alfa Romeo MiTo MultiAir

The control of the car is adjustable to suit the driver with good suspension, the interior is stylish which can also be customised to suit your style and looks – whether professional, executive or trendy, there are options for the dashboard with the colours blue and red – the car would attract a crowd in Beverley Hills.

The car is available in a manual 5 gears or manual 6 gears – the engines have been designed for lower fuel consumption and lower emissions – there is also an engine designed for younger drivers.

There are 5 metallic and 5 special colours available for what Alfa Romeo have called “the world’s sportiest compact car.” The cost of this car starts at £10,745 – and is for both the male and female driver from the young to the old. The MiTo does 0-62mph in 8.0sec – 11.8sec depending on the model – the top speeds ranges are 110mph, 112mph, 123mph, and 134mph providing music to your ears, you also have the option of a Bose` sound-system.

Safety is good on the MiTo with 7 airbags, with extra grip for the tyres, air conditioning is also standard, and there is a stylish radio – CD player with an mp3/bluetooth reader.

There is electronic locking and windows – the door handles have a built in key lock and as for the display inside there is an instrument panel which features advanced graphics showing the car’s setting information.

The rear LED lights are beautiful at night shaped circularly with a metallic frame; the lights provide good visibility and safety. The headlights are surrounded in titanium grey and are adjustable; the mirrors are the same colour of the exterior and electric heated, providing protection for the driver.

The grills on the face give the car presence and the air-intakes with inbuilt lights are strikingly stylish, typical of other Alfa models; if you want to live in the fast lane then there is the GTA model which has further air-dynamicity with more air intakes incorporated in the features of the design for further sports enjoyment.

There are also ridges and lines that emanate from the body of the car making the MiTo noticeable although being compact – the length of the car is 4.06m the width is 1.72m and the height is 1.44m with good room in the boot.

  Alfa Romeo MiTo MultiAir

The seats are wrap-around self explanatory and provide breathing for the driver, there is the option for an extremely sporty suspension with three steering wheel styles (DNA) and different types of ways the car handles and responds whilst on the road – you can select the different modes by a switch function near the gear lever – the steering wheel also responds differently as does the acceleration, the steering wheel even prompts the driver to perform the correct manoeuvre.

The MiTo is a front wheel drive and there are a range of alloy wheels and they all look stylishly compatible with the car, the sizes available are 16”, 17”, and 18”, in metallic. There is a dual exhaust and a spoiler that will say “ciao” for you as other drivers notice you overtaking.

Alfa MiTo

Written by Raj

June 23, 2009 at 6:42 am

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