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Tribute for Michael Jackson at the BET Awards

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Michael Jackson the award winning artist has passed away and although there is  controversy about his death – it has been reported that MJ as his fans called him, has died from cardiac arrest.

There was a tribute held for the life-time achievement award winner at the BET awards and his sister Janet Jackson who collaborated with Michael in his long and successful career spoke of all the love shown by fans; she said at the awards tribute “On behalf of my family and myself, thank you for all your love” Janet Jackson was the family spokesperson and was emotional whilst talking about her brother who she was fond of; Janet went on to say “’To you, Michael is an icon. To us, Michael is family. He will forever live in all of our hearts.”

Michael Jackson was a true world artist as he helped third world countries like Africa where he highlighted their plight through his video Earth Song – and there was also the famous Heal the World song highlighting the importance of looking after the World and its people in every aspect.

Michael Jackson also opened many doors for black artists as Jamie Foxx said “No need to be sad. We want to celebrate this black man. We gonna go through all of Michael Jackson.” Jamie Foxx wore some versions of MJ’s famous artists and the actor/singer performed to some of MJ’s songs – you may remember that Michael Jackson also had a few films in which he starred as himself – thus helping black people not only in the music industry yet also in the film industry.

P.diddy spoke of Michael Jackson in a positive way and said MJ “knocked down barriers’ for black artists. He is one of our heroes. As African-Americans, we are not going to let everybody beat him up.Love you Mike.” Diddy has since gone on to post a message on his twitter writitng that “Michael Jackson showed me that you can actually see the beat. He made the music come to life!! He made me believe in magic. I will miss him!”

Michael Jackson also helped to launch artists and showcase entertainers such as Naomi Campbell, McCully Culkin, 3T and Neo who said “He’s the man who made it possible for me to be on the stage. I love you and I miss you.”

The Game, Chris Brown, Usher and Diddy have collaborated to make a song in tribute to MJ – you can find it on youtube its called “Better on the Other Side” and is the official MJ tribute song.

Joe Jackson MJ’s dad said at the BET awards “I think if Michael was here, he would enjoy the celebrations. He couldn’t be here but it’s like he is larger than he was before. Michael gives his love to everybody and we hope that his record will never be broken.” The record his Dad talks of is the unbroken record of selling more than 750 million albums worldwide.

Other tributes happened worldwide and the UK artist Dizzee rascal said about MJ at the Glastonbury festival that Michael Jacksons music has made a huge impact on the world and Dizzee then went on to perform some of MJ’s tracks such as ‘Thriller’ and he said it was to acknowledge the great music he left behind.” He also said to MJ’s fans at the Glastonbury festival “We lost a legend this week” before performing his MJ medley “So I think we should do something to remember him.”

The latest news is that MJ’s body will not be going on show at his neverland ranch – although his fans will always remember Michael Jackson’s famous looks and outfits.   

Written by Raj

July 7, 2009 at 7:42 pm

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