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Record Breakers – Biggest Air Guitar Ensemble

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Official Announcements in The Telegraph, AP, The Chicago Tribune, and The Charleston Daily Mail – about New Guinness World Record Broken – twice in one summer!

It’s the biggest air guitar ensemble and the record was broken recently in New York as The Telegraph reported.

In sync, rhythm, tune, and rocking with guitars! The world record for the biggest air guitar ensemble was broken with 810 people!

The piece that was played was not ordinary; it was a two minute and 34 second long epic that the air guitarists chose for their world record broken in New York! They air rocked to Journey’s “Don’t stop believing” as the Telegraph reported. The air guitarists set the record at the Brook Atkinson Theatre off Broadway after a performance – this was a memorable event for the audience and fans, which was on a Monday (6th July).

The previous record set in the UK included 440 air guitarists and the new record included 370 more air guitarists, some of whom were from the cast of “Rock of Ages” a new musical at the Brook Atkinson Theatre; and ‘US Air Guitar’ -the official air guitar association of the United States of America!”

As the Telegraph reported “A representative from Guinness World Records counted 810 air guitarists after Wednesday’s matinee performance at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre.”

The record was broken with the help of the audience and fans – who were given a lesson by Andrew ‘William Ocean’ Litz, the 2007 National Air Guitar Champion, in how to air rock! As The Chicago Tribune reported there was an open invitation “People who don’t have tickets to the show are invited to show up at 4:20 p.m. and enter once the curtain closes.”

The cast of the Rock of Ages were then presented with an official Guinness World Records’ plaque. In other related news the Telegraph also reported of ‘Drummers who broke the record for largest number of people playing the same beat with 582 drummers at Birmingham’s National Indoor Arena they reported that “the previous world record of 533 drummers was set in the United States” and this happened on Monday 13 July 2009.”

The Guinness World Records official website has revised their data to give the record to another group for the biggest air guitar ensemble they’re website quotes “Some of the 1,261 participants at “Be Your Best UK Rock Challenge”, Sheffield Arena, Sheffield, UK, on 11 July 2009.”

An informative website quotes “With 1,261 screaming participants rocking it out for 1 min 50 sec, to “The Pretender” by Foo Fighters, the atmosphere was electric. Overseen by the former World Champion and Founder of Air Guitar UK, Zac Monro, all of the participants were able to get the first-hand experience of being taught by one of the world’s best air guitarists.”

There is also an announcement for the biggest flute ensemble and the Guinness World Record website quotes “1,975 participants from schools in Fushun city, Liaoning province, China, beat the previous record of 1,701.”

6 July 2009

Written by Raj

July 22, 2009 at 3:47 pm

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