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Rolls Royce Ghost

The ROLLS ROYCE Ghost is an exquisite luxury saloon which has been made into a powerful car through the latest Rolls Royce owners BMW who have now produced their second Ghost model! The price of this dashingly good looking car is £195,840 and the 4 door Ghost was first previewed at the Frankfurt Motorshow 2009!

The Ghost has a 6.6 litre twin turbo BMW V12 engine powering the car to 563bhp! The car as a result of the powerful engine reaches 0-60 in 4.7 seconds! This edition is known as the junior to the Rolls Royce Phantom (the Ghost is 16 inches shorter and lower in price). Rolls Royce also had a car called the Silver Ghost in 1906 and the 2010 Ghost is one of Rolls Royce’s latest models!

The Ghost has a top-speed of 155mph which is electronically limited, the engine has the capacity of eight-speed gears that are operated by an automatic ZF gearbox; The Ghost has a fuel consumption of 20.8 mpg and the Torque is 780NM!

The spirit of ecstasy is the Rolls Royce trademark and is on the bonnet and literally stands out in an extravagant manner and if anyone tries to pull the spirit of ecstasy off, it retracts into the bonnet!

The Ghost has Xenon lights and has curved intakes; it also has a pair of Teflon umbrellas in the side of the doors. The lights at the back of the Ghost are curved and in red with a thin horizontal rectangular shape for the reverse lights. The doors at the front open as standard whereas the doors at the back open backwards! Giving the Ghost an additional touch of luxury and the seats are all heated whereas the front seats are massaging! Making the Ghost an executive and luxurious drive!

Rolls Royce Ghost Interior Free Stock Images

 The steering wheel is classy like the car and has a rollerball control system and attached to it is a neat lever for Drive, Reverse and Neutral. “The light and precise steering makes maneuvering the big car a breeze, once you’ve acclimated to its dimensions.”

The car has neat wood and silver satin bonnet style finishes throughout the car. “Exotic wood veneers and metallic accents are used liberally throughout the cabin, where passengers are cosseted in the finest leathers. Though plush carpeting is of course standard, one may opt for genuine lambswool mats that will have you taking your shoes off”.

There are 14 hides of leather finishes in the Ghost and the use of Walnut wood! There are retro aeroplane styled air vents on the interior centre console with a computer monitor resting above the air-vents, there is also a stylish rectangular clock to the right of the monitor. The Ghost comes standard with a CD/DVD-Player. “The controls are neatly sculpted, with the more important functions emphasised by accents of chrome”.

Rolls Royce says that many of the Ghost buyers are entrepreneurs and for the executive and entrepreneur there are suitable monitors with fold-out worktops (aeroplane style) behind the driver and passenger seats. The Roof incorporates a large glass divided down the middle, providing plenty of opportunity to enjoy the sunlight. The rear is made elegant with two dual exhausts and the boot is shaped on top of the saloon body; the hood is long as is the wheel base, whilst there are short front overhangs and long rear overhangs.

The Ghost has a timeless design making this car a collectors’ edition along with its older brother the Phantom. The wheel centres stay up-right giving the car further uniqueness (not to mention that all Rolls Royce’s are hand-made).

There are three speedometers in white giving the Ghost a classic feel. There is also a start engine stop engine button which gives the driver a quick and effortless start and stop and the Ghost is also quick and effortless in the way it drives. The drive is smooth with a standard anti-roll stabilization system. The Ghost uses an air suspension system “Rolls-Royce Ghost is the most powerful car that Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has ever produced”. “At speed on an open highway, the Ghost quietly and rapidly covers ground, with passengers feeling that perhaps they are ensconced in a private jet or luxury railway car. On a curving road, the Ghost will roll a bit at lower speeds, but as the pace gathers, so does the suspension’s alertness, and road feel remains acceptable.” It seems the Ghost is a success for BMW and many have said that the Ghost “more than lives up to the Rolls Royce name!”

Decide for yourself by having a look at the ROLLS ROYCE WEBSITE:

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