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The BMW X1

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Bmw X1 2012 BMWX1

The BMW X1 is the smallest in the range of BMW’s X series which entails a range of sports activity vehicles. It measures 175 inches in length and in height is 60.82 inches, its width is 70.4 inches, it may be the smallest of the lot but it is in no way any less of a top-performer and it is a stunner in any colour, it has all the elements of sport, elegance and efficiency, which is what has come to be expected of the designers at BMW. The other models available in the X series are the X3, X5, and X6 all of which are in a class of their own and an asset to have in any car enthusiast’s collection.

The BMW X1 has been re-vamped since its arrival in 2009 and the new look was featured at the New York International Auto Show 2012 (as featured above), where the car is now on sale from $31,545 and upwards as there are 14 different variants in the X1 series. The US version is soon to be produced in India too where BMW will be producing the X1 in Chennai and Tamil Nadu.

2010 BMW X1 compact SUV: dashboard and console.

The variants of the X1 being produced within India and distributed there will be the sdrive18i (4 cylinder petrol), sdrive20d and sdrive20d (highline) (4 cylinder diesels). The cars will not be available in manual transmission as they are all automatic as is standard. The automatic X1’s will have an 8 speed transmission which certainly makes this car sporty and powerful. BMW have come to be a leader in promoting efficiency and are well along the way to promoting greener cars; the term used by BMW is “efficient dynamics” and the BMW X1 comes fitted as standard with a few of these efficient dynamics incorporated within this SAV crossover as I will mention briefly below:

There is the Brake Energy Regeneration, which when braking or coasting, begins to via the engaged alternator to charge the battery this ensures that energy is not being wasted, rather recycled and that the car is operating with maximum efficiency. BMW have opted for lightweight engineering and they are keen to mention that “Lightweight materials reduce the overall weight of the vehicle, enhancing driving dynamics and improving fuel economy.”

The design of the X1 is one of elegance as mentioned before and is beautifully sculptured with curves and free-flowing lines all across the exterior, the designers at BMW are artistes’ who always look to create an art piece in their models, and the X1 is no exception.

As for the rivals of the X1 there are many: The Audi Q3, VW Tiguan, BMW X3, Ford Kuga, Land Rover Freelander and the Subaru Forester, and the 2013 Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class. The BMW X1 is in a saturated market where there are many other alternative options, although the X1 will still be a favourite to do well within the crossover department. The X1 currently offers a rear wheel drive and a four wheel drive in the USA, it remains to be seen whether this will be the case in India where the car is set to launch just before the Hindu festival of Diwali and the X1 is said to start selling for the price of 33lakhs.

The BMW X1 has two engines available there is the 2.0 liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine able to produce 240 horsepower, and the US version which has a 3.0 liter six-cylinder turbocharged engine producing 300 horsepower.

The X1 is economical and has a low C02 which for the different models ranges between 119 g/km to 145 g/km. Below is a table showing the UK TAX BANDS and the BMW X1 and its models are within the tax bands of C and F:

Fuel economy chart

The X1 can do 0-60 in 6.8 to 10.1 seconds and has a top speed of 127mph (limited).

2010 BMW X1: boot / trunk with rear seats backrest folded down.

The Greencarwebsite .co.uk says: “Whether on a shopping trip, a skiing holiday or a day trip with your mountain bike – the new BMW X1 covers just about everything. The rear seat, for example, splits 40:20:40, so skis or golf clubs can be transported while still retaining four seats. Tilt-adjustable seat backrests don’t just mean greater flexibility they also create more luggage space without sacrificing passenger comfort.”

The drive and handling have so far received good reviews with key aspects being the steering, and the tight chassis, in counter to these keys however are the wheels which run on run flat tyres and there is the height of the car which is considerably tall for a crossover and raises the issue of body roll.

2010 BMW X1: rear seats with panoramic view.

The car’s interior is of high quality with leather upholstery and is said to be better than the X3’s, this is what is needed to compliment the exterior of the car which is definitely intriguing, aesthetic and precise,  it also makes use of sound-proofing to ensure that the passengers and the driver have a quite drive. Safety is good on the X1 with six airbags as standard and rear parking sensors. There is also an option of having a panoramic roof top which enables the passengers to look up at the sky. There are also daytime driving lights on the X1 and adaptive brake lights to let drivers behind you know when you are braking sharply. Other useful features include Dynamic Stability Control and Dynamic Traction Control and you can opt for Performance Control acting on the brakes.

MSNCARS.CO.UK Says of its verdict of the BMW X1 : “The X3 has never seemed quite comfortable in its own skin but there’s no such criticism of the X1, which is every inch the junior X model in looks, driving style and performance. It further crowds an already packed product range but, in its own right, the X1’s blend of ruggedness, performance and sportiness are a class act.”

2010 BMW X1: iDrive controller with selection buttons behind the automatic gear selector.

The BMW X1 as well as having a facelift will entail a new LED package for the lights (the indicators are now also on the wing mirrors) and a new range of paint colours to choose from, there is also an iDrive feature which is alongside the automatic transmission, there are also chrome touches on the interior and use of more expensive materials than the previous model, and those are the few developments from the 2009 European version of the X1, it is now the US which is literally the new face of the X1. As always there is the outstanding BMW trademark double kidney grille which gives the car further presence, as if it needed any more, there is also use of chrome on the exterior now giving the X1 an eye catching look. The side-skirts are that which are similar to all the X models of the BMW brand. The other parts to mention on the X1 are the undertray which incorporates the use of colours black and silver which BMW say gives the car a further more “striking surface structure”. The X1 is decked out in a number of fine lines and contours which map themselves throughout the exterior of the car in a spectacular way.

2010 BMW X1 premium compact SUV: side view to front seats and dashboard.

As for more on the design of the BMW X1 here’s a quote from the BMW Press release on the X1:

“Typical BMW proportions, expressive, vibrant surfaces and signature BMW X model design cues shape the appearance of the BMW X1. A sweeping hood, long wheelbase and set-back passenger compartment emphasize the vehicle’s dynamic talent, while attractive light and shade effects hint at its inherent agility. The versatility and robustness of a BMW X model are reflected in elements such as the black edging at the lower edge of the body and wide wheel arches.”

The alloy wheels are stunning in design and the rear is simple and effective in looking good. There is also a hint of a spoiler on the roof of the car which does not extend any further than a slight notch and incorporates a third rectangular brake light. What would have improved this crossover SUV further would have been dual exhausts, giving the X1 a sportier look that it deserves!

I’ll conclude with a couple of adverts from BMW on what is sure to be their prized X1!

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