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Indian Air Force : Jet crash again!

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You may recall that on the 12th February an Indian Air Force Jet had crashed and the pilot had ejected safely, I wrote a news report about the incident and here is the link from the article titled Indian Fighter Jet crashes.

Here are a few excerpts from the latter:

“The Fighter Jet was a MiG – 27 part of the Indian Air Force and the crash took place on Tueday 12/02/2013, the fighter jet was being piloted by Wing Commander Nishikant Singh who after ejecting was rushed to the Jodhpur’s Military Hospital. Pilot Singh’s condition was said to be stable and that he was in no danger.”

“Eye witnesses have reported that a young boy sustained injuries, although minor, which was inflicted through the debris which was sent in all directions, a house near the air base was also damaged.”

Well now another aircraft has crashed, in the same state, Rajasthan, in a different district, Rajasthan’s Jaisalmer district, and the incident happened on 19/2/2013 a Tuesday. The Jet was an Indian Air Force Sukhoi 30, which is of Russian origin, both pilots managed to eject safely and there was no damage to anyone or anything as a defence spokesman summarised.

As for some stats:

This is the second crash involving IAF aircraft since January this year and the fifth since April last year. Since their induction into IAF in the late 1990s, this is the fourth crash involving an SU-30 fighter plane.


The Sukhoi 30 had planned to participate in IAF’s day-night exercise ‘Iron Fist’ on February 22 the defence spokesman mentioned. The crash more specifically took place in Jaisalmer, Chandan firing range (Pokhran).

The Iron Fist will be the biggest air power demonstration in the history of the Indian Air Force and will begin on 15th February 2013. The display will be a nine-day exercise with fighter planes and helicopters, which will be firing missiles and dropping bombs on dummy targets.

Nearly about 100 fighter planes and helicopters will be taking part in this huge event that will certainly be a spectacle to watch. India’s Prime-Minister Manmohan Singh will be there to watch this powerful display on the first day as will Prime-minister Pranab Mukherjee and Defence minister AK Antony.

“The mammoth fire power exercise will witness the debut of indigenous light combat aircraft (LCA) ‘Tejas’ and light combat helicopter (LCH) ‘Rudra’.”Source : (Economic Times.)

I know I will be watching this mass scale exhibition of Indian Aerial might, where there will be fly-by’s and the latest in Indian Air Force technology on display! IRON FIST will certainly be a historic point in India and the exhibition if all goes well will be marked as a celebration of the Indian Air Force.


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