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Pakistani Schoolgirl who was shot in the head amongst Nobel peace prize nominees

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The Pakistani schoolgirl shot in the head by the Taliban, is a candidate for receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, Malala Yousafzai aged 15 is amongst 259 nominations a record for the Nobel Institute, the previous record was in 2011 when 241 candidates were put forward.

The Nobel Peace prize is one of the most prestigious in the world, and 2012 saw The European Union receive the award, which by many was seen as controversial due to the EU’s economic crisis being the worst since the founding of the EU.

Malala, 15, was shot by the Taliban for voicing and promoting the importance of girls education in Pakistan, she was treated in the UK for injuries sustained to her head and has survived the traumatic ordeal, she aims to continue promoting girls education and is now seen as a favourite nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize.

There are many people who are eligible to nominate candidates, these are members of parliament and governments around the world, some international organisations and even University professors, of whom can disclose the candidates they have nominated if they so wish to do.

The list of nominees however if not disclosed is kept secure by being kept secret for 50 years.

The head of the Nobel Institute, Geir Lundestad has said of the awards record nominations, that “This reflects a growing interest in the prize. The nominations come from the entire world.”

The candidates that Malala will be up against are the likes of former US president Bill Clinton and Denis Mukwege, a pioneering doctor who founded a clinic for rape victims in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Tough competition certainly and many have raised concerned about the pressures of winning the prize at such a young age, though, if she were to win then she could become even more of a role model than she already is and would receive due recognition for all her hard work. The issue is open to debate.


Written by Raj

March 6, 2013 at 9:15 pm

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