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Nelson Mandela and Maya Angelou: Tribute Poem by Raj : Inspiring Leaders

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At Nelson Mandela’s funeral, Maya Angelou read a poem written by her for him, this time I would like to post a poem I have written for both of them.

I’d like to say that they both were leaders of significant importance and they should be remembered for all their hard work and dedication and the movements they led, tirelessly, they are the role models of their time and I remember them for that.

My Poem by Raj:

Inspiring Leaders

The loss of your Lives, your Lives, your Lives,

Those Movements of your lives, your lives, your lives, are remembered with the actions, actions, actions of your lives.

Movements that you thought.

Movements that you dreamt.

Movements that you fought.

Movements that you led.

Movements that you loved.

Movements that you lived.

For those Movements you spent, your lives, your lives, your lives.

Movements that you inspired through difficult times, inspiring throughout your lifetime, they went on to span thousands of miles and touched millions of lives, lives, lives.

Those Movements, you saw us through, with Peace and Love, hand in hand and broke through barriers of race, colour, hatred, discrimination, war and much, much more.

Movements, Movements, Movements, Moments, Moments, Moments,

Movements that you led, with everything that you had, and with everything that you said, people you inspired, whilst you never tired.

Your lives your lives your lives, for a better World, in service of humanity.

In every Movement you were there for every moment, in effort to make the World a better place.

Everyone will remember you for all your important moments and will always be inspired by your lives, your lives, your lives, in your every moment, moment, moment, you have only inspired, inspired, inspired our Lives, our Lives, our Lives.

Thank you for your leadership.


Raj Mehta

Written by Raj

May 30, 2014 at 12:50 am

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