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Raj founder of spoke exclusively to the inspirational and charismatic :

Female DJ and pioneer “China” as she is known on the DJing circuit and by her DJ colleagues and fans!

DJ China

“DJ China” is from Africa and was born in Sierra Leone, where she spent her childhood and arrived in the UK as a refugee as a young girl aged only 13 whilst fleeing the war torn country.

DJ China fell in love with music and it soon became her passion whilst living in England.

She tells me “I found enjoyment in music and I feel positive through music and my relationship with music keeps me alive.” She concludes “Music has helped me through so many things and gets me through it everything.”

DJ China is a multi-award winning DJ and a role model in the music industry and has been grafting as a professional DJ since 2000 with the bar set high by her in a male dominated DJ scene.

DJ China always demands amazing and lively performances from herself as music and DJing are her “passion” and her talent has led to her winning awards.

DJ China has achieved awards from The Royal Society of Arts and The Princes Trust Award.

2019 saw China perform at No 10 Downing Street, the UK prime minsters residence.


When she received the phone call to DJ at No 10 Downing Street she was “shocked” and she said “I thought the opportunity presented was by a prankster”.

DJ China said “I could not believe it and I was in disbelief and after some back and forth I understood this was not only an actual opportunity but an opportunity of a lifetime.”

When I asked DJ China about the struggles of being a female DJ she said there are a lot of stereotypes against female DJs and many obstacles are still present to overcome.

She said “Female DJs are expected to not just have exceptional skills on the decks but also there are a lot of pressures to look beautiful and feminine and instead of being given the main stage events, rather female DJs are more likely to perform the opening and side acts/events.”

DJ China summarised that female acts are pressured in a male dominated industry and to get somewhere as a female DJ you have to have the acceptance of the males within the DJing industry it is a sad fact but you have to “be in with the male crowd and the male network” which without you are left with few or no opportunities to progress forward.

The stereotypes and pressures are why DJ China started her own DJ agency called “We Run the World all female DJ agency.” She started the agency in 2012 and is a professional agency for female DJs.

“The main concept of the agency was for Female DJs and this empowers so many DJs, I started the collective female DJ agency movement. The agency is 10 years old and it is still going strong.”

DJ China

DJ China has also performed at the Trafalgar Square New Years Take over event and led the celebrations into 2022.

When I questioned her on how she has dealt with the many cancellations during Covid – DJ China told me – it was “very difficult however I’ve had to do virtual events and adapt. Performing keeps me alive and helped me through Covid and kept me feeling positive.”

I asked her about what she wants to do in the future and she got excited and told me:

“I love travelling and plan to do more of it.” DJ China went on to tell me “I DJ all over the World and have performed in India and Norway I have an international passion to DJ and I would like to work in Miami or Las Vegas.”

Other interesting events that DJ China and her agency have been involved in are and Formula 1 gigs.

Formula 1

She recognised a lot of pressures in her career as a female DJ she says of her struggles “It’s hard as a female DJ to be yourself there is a great amount of pressure and that’s why I started my agency to help and empower female DJs and to give them a platform and ten years on there are more female DJs around.”

When I asked DJ China about any special thoughts she may want to conclude with she told me “ Music is a beautiful thing and it brings everyone together to unite people from all over the World and from all backgrounds; music touches the soul and makes everyone smile. Music lifts people and reaches out to them and helps them by helping them to focus and relax and it helps to relieve pain, music is a positive outlet which helps people to deal with life’s problems.”

DJ China told me “I am now looking forward to turning my attention and focus to more production orientated ventures.”

When I asked her about visiting Sierra Leone anytime she said “I will go back one day to visit.”

From a young refugee in England she has gone on to inspire so many others in similar situations and has become a role model for female DJs all around the World. Keep an eye out for DJ China and her agency We Run the World as she is a real prodigy looking to take the World by storm.

DJ China will be djing at Wembley Stadium for the Final of Euros Women 2022, and 7 of the DJs of We Run The World Female DJ Agency will be djing at 7 stadiums for the competition.

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Additional Awards include:

Business Excellence Awards – AI – 2020

Creative Business Of The Year Finalist – 2020

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