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Journal writing can help with better wellness!

How journal writing is best for you:

Article by Fazeela Syed

How To Get Started With Your Journal?

You have two options when it comes to starting a new journal. You can take an e-journal and start typing what goes on in your mind every day. Or you can use pens that sit near a computer, so you can do all the editing and formatting on the side, and just type your thoughts without having to go into much detail and work out your emotions every day.

However, I chose the latter option. It helped me to concentrate better and put less pressure on myself to come up with perfect words.

Here’s my routine for journaling in order of preference:

I like making the habit of writing whatever I’m feeling, I write it down on paper first thing in the morning.

My journal does not take much room, but it helps to clear my mind and focus.

Before you start working it through, you need to write down three things that make you feel good in life.

These are gratitude, peace of mind, and happiness.

Gratitude means having a positive mental attitude towards life. Gratitude consists of the act of thinking positively, whether about yourself or others. Think about how often you’ve done something just because it made you feel good. If someone did a nice deed for you, say thank you. Write down any time you’ve been grateful for anything in your life. It doesn’t always have to be material stuff. Sometimes it could be getting good grades, having a friend, or being loved by someone you care about.

Peace of mind
Peace of mind is knowing that our actions will result in pleasure and that we can get a reward for the actions we choose to make in life. Peace of mind to me means having faith in God and believing that he will always keep our paths clear in life, no matter how difficult it seems.

Happiness is knowing that no matter what happens, you’ll always be happy and looking forward to all the wonderful things coming your way in life.

Happiness means being contented with whatever you’ve got and don’t feel that you’re missing out on anything.

So these are the main benefits and drawbacks of journals. They help to relieve us from everything, like the time we spend in front of the TV watching news or the things we like.

And they also reduce stress and anxiety. Especially because our journal is written down during times of great emotion, which makes it easier to express our innermost feelings and ideas.

Maybe one day it will help us get rid of those negative feelings before they become uncontrollable. One thing is sure: journaling is one form of expression that should never be avoided.

You’re Not Alone!If you don’t have a diary (or a place where you write down all your thoughts in full), then you’re not alone, take an opportunity to start Journaling!

By sitting quietly in front of a computer screen and playing video games or doing other such activities, it is usually enough to leave us numb and unfulfilled.

We should use our brains instead, so when we’re feeling down on ourselves, we can give ourselves permission to write down some of our thoughts in our journals during a stressful time.

It gives you an opportunity to let our inner voice out and give ourselves this little space to process everything.

Journaling isn’t always about self-care or self-love; it’s about self-awareness.

When I write down my feelings, it gives me the chance to talk about them for longer than a few seconds at most.

This allows me to be aware of my feelings in a sort of neutral setting. In addition to the physical aspects of journaling, it’s helpful that it’s something that happens naturally.

Some of us may find it hard to write about ourselves anymore. But that doesn’t mean we can’t do it.

Self-love and understanding are important in our lives, and journaling is one of the best ways to share our feelings in the safest environment possible.

My personal wish for you is a kind of peace of mind.

Try taking time to write in the evenings, or whenever you feel down on yourself and feel like it’s okay to just breathe through the motions until the feelings subside.

The more we use tools to control our emotional state of mind, the easier it gets to relax.

We’ve been conditioned to overthink everything, and for sure that’s not good for us. That is why journaling is a good way for us to see things in a better perspective.

Journaling is a beautiful way to be aware of what we like and what we don’t like.

We can choose, consciously or subconsciously, to choose the better approach.

Life may not always be easy. But if we want to stay well, it might be worth the effort.


Journal writing is such a therapeutic way to release your stress, anxiety, grief, and suffering.

Sometimes you feel alone and you find no one to confide in and that feeling draining you emotionally, expressing everything in a journal has positive impacts on your life.

You will get to know how and why some situations are triggering you while writing them down.

You will figure out how and from where it is causing problems. Sometimes we are just overthinking and this makes it difficult for us to concentrate and focus.

Writing down all the problems will also help to track down all the things which trigger you and find better ways to cope with these triggers.

Before sleeping you can write three things which you are grateful for.

It will help you sleep better after submitting your thoughts on diary.

It will improve your mental strength and give you peace of mind which most people yearn for many years.

Try these techniques to get your life on a healthy track.

Every day there is something to fight for and sometimes it’s an inner fight that hinders many opportunities to reach out to your goals. So, it’s ‘you vs you’. Journal writing helps us to understand ourselves better.

Every day you have to improve and take yourself out of this comfort zone.

For that, you need to give yourself a dose of motivation to go ahead.

Take your journal writing as a friend to give yourself a chance to grow.

Article by Fazeela Syed
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