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CV Details

School/College/University ~

  • St Mary’s High School ’97- ’99
  • Downey High School 00’-01
  • Selhurst High School ’01-’02
  • British Record Industry Trust (B.R.I.T) School ’02 – ‘04
  •  University of Westminster ’04 – ’08.

Level ~ GCSE Subjects Taken & grades received ~

  • English Literature A
  • Speaking and Listening A*
  • History A
  • Drama A
  • I.C.T A*
  • Gujarati A*
  • English Language B
  • Humanities B
  • French B
  •  R.E. B
  •  Math’s C
  • Science (Double) C

Level ~ *AVCE ~ Equivalent to Two A levels, advanced course in Media.

  • Media : B,B.

Level ~ A level

  • English Literature B. *

Level ~ Degree BA – Hons

Graduate: 2:1 in BA Media Studies – Journalism Communications at The University of Westminster 26/6/2008

I have worked on the news and sports team at BRIT FM a student run radio station it included me presenting, driving the radio desk, researching and script writing, and interviewing high profiled guests’ artists and politicians alike. I have been made Editor and Producer of the show for the past 2 years. I was awarded the prestigious BRIT FM Broadcaster of the year 2004 which was my first year as a producer and editor. I also went on in my spare time to form a bhangra show which involved a new team each year where I took on the role of editor and producer and presenter. (2002 – 2009). I was a presenter on my University radio station Smoke Radio working on the International News team writing up my own bulletins and scripts to deadline.  (2007) I have also done a radio module at my university where we had to produce a professional news bulletin; I was assigned the role of producer and editor, and led my team to the top marks in the class for the best produced news package which included jingles, voicers, clips, and vox-pops. (2007)

I worked as a reporter at a local newspaper called the Harrow Observer (2005 – 2007) and have been published for pieces to do with literature, local stories and music. Freelancing and a two week work-experience.

I have worked for a local newspaper as a reporter doing work experience firstly and then freelancing for The Harrow Observer. (2005 – 2007)
I have also prepared online publishings’ for Harrow Borough FC as a match reporter giving my version of events for the fans and followers of the club. (2007)
Made our own magazine style TV morning show with pre-recorded inserts too, included roles of script writing, presenting, acting, camerawork, directing, sound and vision mixing, also made two TV adverts for an alcoholic drink, one for males and the other for females.

I was a Runner at the BBC’s Kilroy at Teddington TV Studios for 4 weeks (2002 – June) and had to take on many roles, they were very happy with my performance due to my reliability, punctuality, initiative, presentability and high standard of work. I was also a runner for ITV (2004 – September) working on a documentary called made for the masses for the duration of 4 weeks.

I enjoy playing a range of sports such as cricket, pool, football, basketball, tennis, badminton and many more I love to be active and have done abseiling, rock climbing, canoeing, mountain biking, mountain climbing, and still do. I enjoy drama and have played Oliver Twist and Romeo from Shakespeare’s play. I enjoy working with computers and am constantly using one for work and pleasure. I enjoy travelling and have visited many places abroad and in Europe; I lived in California, in L.A. for a Year and went to school there. I enjoy listening to music watching films at the Cinema and going out with friends.

Two National Record of Achievements are full containing Certificates and Awards, e.g. ~ Croydon Awards 1999 for Drama 2000 for Drama and 2002 for Drama etc… I am glad to bring them along to an interview if need be.


2009 ~Peagle Financial and Business Magazine – Freelance Reporter

2009 ~ International Online Radio Station – Forest Radio – Freelance Broadcast News Reporter

2009 ~ Ethnic Multicultural Media Academy – EMMA – Freelance Journalist

2002/2008 ~ BritFM/collaborated with BBC London for the Student Run Radio Station – Editor/Producer/Presenter (News and Sports)
2007 ~ Smoke Radio International News – Presenter Editor Producer
2007 ~ Harrow Borough FC Online – Freelanced Journalist – Online Published Match Reports
2005/2007 ~ The Harrow Observer – Work experience/Freelance Journalist – Senior Reporters Assistant – Reporter
2004 ~ ITV – Documentary – Researcher
2004 ~ BBC1 – Kilroy – Researcher/Assistant ~ Pre/Post Production

EMPLOYMENT HISTORY AND WORK EXPERIENCE: Worked on the Shop floor/Stockroom/Tills/Account cards/Customer Service

2008/ ~NEXT ~ Summer Temp ~ as Snr Sales
2006/2007 ~ Fashion Watches/Jewellery – SELFRIDGES London – Retail Advisor/Supervisor
Christmas temp 2005 – NEXT as a Snr Sale.
2004/2005 ~Kookaii as a Supervisor.

2004 ~ Cashier for Tennis Instructing at Tooting Bec Lido – Supervisor

2002/2004~ RIVER ISLAND as Snr Sales.
2002/2003 ~ TOPSHOP as Snr Sales.

Other: Human Resources Adviser’s Assistant Between 2001 S.R.A ~ “Strategic Rail Authority”. Ran 3 marathons for Charity Senior Prefect and often took on the role of Deputy Head Boy and Head Boy organising prefect teams and assigning them to team tasks or individual tasks and making sure they all do their duty, creating Schedules in Excel and Briefing them on what to do.

I am fluent in English, Gujarati, and speak some Hindi.

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