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August Riots: Birmingham: Police release footage of being fired upon

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Police and a helicopter were fired upon ELEVEN TIMES – below is a Helicopter infrared video still of two men who are wanted by the police.

A group of 40 were involved, several of whom were shooters. The West Midlands police have released CCTV footage to the public in an appeal for any information on this group.

This happened in Birmingham where “Eleven shots were fired at unarmed officers to enable disorder to continue, whilst petrol bombs were also thrown at officers who initially attended the scene,” chief constable Chris Sims said in a statement. “This footage shows seemingly co-ordinated criminal behaviour with no regard for people’s lives, whether it be through the setting of a fire, shooting at unarmed officers or shooting at the police helicopter.

“This investigation is being treated as attempted murder and arson, and I am only thankful that this is not a murder inquiry.”

The officers who were fired upon were unarmed officers and the men shooting were masked and hooded as well as wearing caps. The footage was released on the 20th of August and it is footage dating from the 9th when there was rioting occuring in Birmingham.

The Chief Constable also said that the shootings at the police had been a “concerted and organised attempt” to kill or injure police officers.

They caused much damaged to the Barton Arms pub and other premises in the area by throwing petrol bombs and smashing shop windows with chairs. Officers in patrol cars attempted to stop the looting and rioters, the police cars had petrol bombs thrown at them; at 11.50pm officers attempted to disperse the group, this was when the 11 shots were fired at them and at the West Midlands helicopter.

One of the officers, who cannot be named for operational reasons, said: “It definitely felt like an ambush and as we moved forward it was only seconds before we heard a gunshot. We’d heard that sound before and we know straight away that there was at least one gun in the crowd. Once that sound of gunshot had been heard we stopped and took cover behind our vehicles.” The police officer went on to say of social media sites and the public response – “Only now have we had the chance to see the comments from members of the public on Facebook, Twitter and in the media. It’s made such a difference. The support is brilliant and has really boosted morale.”
Anyone able to assist the police inquiry is urged to contact the Force Criminal Investigation department at West Midlands Police on 0345 113 5000 or speak to the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

The London Riots 10/08/2011

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Everywhere seems to be damage, shopping centre’s in particular.

Yesterday saw Riots in Manchester – violence against property was done by the involvement of initially 100 rioters and went on to grow from 1.000 to 200o – and the Manchester riot police did their best to keep the situation under control and images were seen of a riot police officer in the midst of a group of officers –  beat a rioter who was on a bike and he fell of it before he was hit by a baton and kicked once – whether this is the robust action the Government has been referring to or whether this is an individual case remains to be seen.

Miss Selfridge in Manchester was burnt – the following are photos of the shop on fire and the shop after the blaze which happened yesterday (Tuesday 9/8/2011).

Miss Selfridge fire Manchester.jpg

The COBRA meeting went ahead with David Cameron chairing. Parliament will gather to meet and discuss the events all around London and England tomorrow (Thursday 11/8/2011). David Cameron has said “The fightback has begun” and also said “We will do everything necessary to restore order” he also spoke of Human Rights saying “Picture by picture, these criminals are being identified, arrested and we will   not let any phoney concerns about human rights get in the way of the publication of these pictures and arrest of these individuals”. The Prime-minister also spoke of the shocking video of a man who was bleeding, being helped up to his feet and then having the contents of his rucksack looted by the same people, whilst it was still around his shoulders – Mr Cameron referred to the video and the looted man as a “disgusting site” he has also called the riots “sickening”.

The Police are going to continue making arrests of the rioters by identifying them through photos and have posted the images online.

Another key figure – The Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper said ““The 16,000 police on the streets of London made a big difference last night in restoring calm.” The Government and the peaceful loving citizen will be hoping for more of this calm. Yesterday night the number of arrests in the Midlands reached 163.

As for a quote from someone who is not a politician – The father of murdered schoolboy Damilola Taylor said that rioters “should not take matters into their own hands and destroy their own communities”. (Monday 8th August).

In Birmingham 3 men were knocked down by a car in a hit and run incident, they have been named as Haroon Jahan, Shahzad Ali and Abdul Musavir. A murder inquiry is said to be underway and David Cameron offered his condolences to the families involved.

Haroon Jahan, Shahzad Ali and Abdul Musavir

Tariq Jahan the father of one of the men murdered said “I was told my son was lying behind me and I started CPR on him.” He had come out of his house to find three men lying on the floor in blood, he immediately started to help, before he was told the above. He also said “I miss him deeply.”

805 People arrested says the Metropolitan Police since Saturday. The Scottish Police have been brought in to help with riots in North England and the Midlands.

The London Riots – 8/8/2011

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Since the shooting of Mark Duggan on Thursday 4th of August, who was involved in a shoot-out with the police and his consequent death by the police, riots have taken place in places all over England.

It is now being questioned whether Mr Duggan was using a gun or not – a gun was however found on the scene.

What started out as peaceful protest, turned into multiple riots, which has seen buses being burnt, police cars engulfed in flames and today saw a red Mazda set ablaze which has seen a video dedicated to it on the Sky News website. Worryingly, Sky have also reported on their website that these riots were organised, a week before, over the internet.

The riots in Hackney began today and riots all across London escalated to similar scenes of what happened in Tottenham on Saturday. The activities taking place all over London are being called copy cat actions, yet are making the news all over the world.

There are many issues surrounding this riot; such as whether the police are handling the situation better than they did in the beginning, when there was a lack of officers; also whether the people looting and causing damage to property and shops are opportunistic or sects from organised groups, or both, either way they are conducting criminal acts. The latter is what the media will be reporting on further. So far the view seems to be that it is a minority of people doing the looting and damage, who are from a minority and that the majority of the community are against these shocking actions.

Since the weekend the riots have moved on from Tottenham to since spread to  Birmingham, Brixton, Chingford, Croydon, Enfield, Ealing, Hackney, Lewisham, Peckham, Walthamstow, Wood Green, Woolwich.

Objects are thrown at police cars in Hackney

The riot police’s plan is said to be protecting the local people and their property, and as for the actions of those damaging property they are continuing to do so. The Police have been receiving flack for not doing enough to protect locals and stopping the looting that has been a familiar scene all over London. There have been a significant amount of arrests about 200 so far and increasing – the media have reported that CCTV footage is to be released by the Metropolitan Police in an attempt to identify criminals who are causing disruption. Acting Chief Commissioner of The Metropolitan Police – Tim Godwin said he has heard many reasons for the London riots, although he points out that it is no excuse for the violence taking place.

There has been much carnage today (Monday), similar to the student protests in London November 2010. Theresa May the Home Secretary flew back from her holiday in Switzerland and Mayor Boris Johnson is due to be back on Tuesday. Theresa May said in a statement to the press “Let me be absolutely clear: Those responsible for this violence and looting will be made to face the consequences of their actions.”

A minority of people are using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the Shadow social network – Blackberry’s messenger to organise these riots; So why shadow? Well the media have been highlighting the recent riots in London as being organised by Twitter and by other social media – they are yet to mention the use of Blackberry which has been banned before in Canada, and the UAE, whereas India considered banning the Blackberry due to the dangers it poses for organised crime. Whether the use of Blackberry will feature in the media is yet to be decided by producers who have been said to be slow on the reporting of this particularity.

Diane Abbot MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington  has been interviewed by CNN and the BBC and has referred to the riots as appalling. Police helicopters are everywhere in London and will be monitoring and helping with police operations from above the air. Nick Clegg was speaking with David Lammy MP for Tottenham where the riots originated from and David Lammy has said that 99% of the community are against these actions of the minority who are causing this devastation.

The Metropolitan police are urging people to clear the streets, and advising parents to contact their children. The IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission) is to publish a report tomorrow on the death of Mark Duggan who was aged 29. David Cameron is returning from abroad tonight and will be holding a COBRA (emergency government meeting) meeting about what is being called The London riots.

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