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Holloway! Sent Away! From the touchline! Two Match Ban!

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Ian Holloway Crystal Palace FC Manager, has been given a two match ban for criticising the referee when Palace played Tottenham and lost 1-0 on 18th August 2013.

The criticism came from Holloway when he contested the penalty given to Tottenham, saying that Mark Clattenburg had missed the crucial foul on a Palace player in the build up to the penalty, Tottenham however did not miss from the spot and Roberto Saldado gave his team the crucial one goal lead, and that goal proved to be enough on the day.

Holloway had seen an incident, whereas the referee had missed it, coincidentally?

The Palace boss made comments after the match saying : “I had this with Blackpool. Certain clubs get fouls and others don’t.”

He also said of the referees : “It’s going to be a long, hard season for me with these people.”

This is not the first time a manager has complained of certain clubs being given fouls and other clubs not being given a fair refereeing performance.

Goal line technology has come into the equation this season and this move will be seen as making the matches fairer, although from Holloway’s comments it seems that there is still much more to be done to make things fair, and especially in the cases when there are matches between smaller clubs and the larger ones.


The FA provided a statement regarding the two match ban: “Ian Holloway will serve a two-match touchline suspension with immediate effect after Crystal Palace notified the FA that they would not be appealing the sanction.”

Not only will the Palace boss, who is just as animated as the most enthusiastic and passionate managers around, receive a two match touchline ban, he is also being fined £18,000.

Ten thousand for his language and behaviour in or around the referees dressing room and eight thousand for his post match comments to the media, which brought into question referee Clattenburg’s performance and action taken in giving the decisive Penalty to Tottenham.

This ban means that Holloway will not be on the touchline for the away match against Manchester United on 14th September, he will also be away from the touchline on the home match against Swansea on 22nd September 2013.

Ian Holloway aged 50 is known for his funny interviews and outrageous quotes in response to the media and is known as ‘Ollie’, his managerial career spans just over 16 years.

holloway 3

A two match ban, for any manager, will be difficult, especially as Holloway likes to direct from the touchline as much as he can and this approach is one that led Palace back to the Premiership and the players of course, Holloway said on promotion back to the top flight “It all starts now, the minute the Premier League begins we will be on a hiding to nothing but we want to stay there!”

Will Palace stay there?

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The Eagles! Have Arrived! Swooping in for First 3 points!

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The Eagles as they’re known in South London have finally shown some prowess and swooped in for three points against Sunderland. This was Crystal Palace FC’s third premiership match up and they’ve picked up their very first points after beating Sunderland 3-1!

The Eagles will want to take this win on to be the start of a winning streak and they will be wanting to show the Premiership the same want to be within the premiership and have the ability to stay there! The next match is a big one with Manchester United. This is a big bad and ugly fixture for Palace and the eagle will have to yet again take flight after having landed their first points this season, and swoop in to Old Trafford for a win if not a draw from the fixture. Many may say that points from this fixture will be hard to come by for the Eagles but they’ve shown how they forged their way into the Premiership again and how they can this time stay there by showing the style and strength and that ability to swoop in for a hold on as many points as they can attain and the Eagles will be wanting to aim high and fly high!

Many pundits see Palace as the weaker team compared to that of the other two promoted to the Premier League, Hull City Tigers and Cardiff City, and unfortunately Palace lost both the first and second match of the season, not the best of starts, the latest of wins could be one of many and supporters will want the newly promoted team seen as underdogs to do well.

Dwight Gayle is on the goal sheet with one goal from a penalty, which came about when he was fouled by John O’shea (who received a red), he struck the ball away from the keeper and into the corner to make it 2-1 to Palace. Crystal Palace spent £6million to bring in Gayle from Peterborough and he will be relishing the role of key striker especially after scoring at home against Sunderland.

Crystal Palace's English striker Dwight

Ian Holloway former Blackpool boss and currently Crystal Palace boss said of Dwight Gayle and his second signing of Jerome Thomas, “People like Jerome and Gayle typify what Palace are all about really, with young people and hungry people.”

Wilfried Zaha is off and Holloway has wished him the best in his future at Manchester United where he is on a five and a half year contract, he left Crystal Palace for approximately £15million.

The goals scored for Palace were by Gabbidon 9′, Gayle 79′ (pen), and O’Keefe 90′ with a curled shot. whereas Fletcher got one back for Sunderland with a header in the 64th minute.

Manger Holloway was pleased with his sides efforts and spoke of the passing of the ball as nice to watch and also spoke of the performance by the lads as commanding.

The latest from Crystal Palace is they have signed Jimmy Kebe from Reading on a 3 year deal for an undisclosed sum.

holloway palace

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