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Paraglider or Party Balloons

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Paraglider or Party Balloons

A Holiday Story Tale for the future – Is it a bird is it a plane is it a paraglider – no it’s a bunch of party balloons!

Twelve guests at Catacol Bay Hotel were clowning around when they phoned the police over a bunch of balloons falling into the sea – they weren’t clowning around as the balloons were seen as a paraglider who was plunging into the sea and a man reported the event as a paraglider crashing into the sea. This event happened on the 25th of June around 1:30pm whilst the guests were having a buffet. Rescue boats and a ferry rushed to the scene along with five other vessels – and then found a bunch of party balloons instead of a reported paraglider.   

The Clyde Coastguard spokesman said “The Isle of Arran coastguard (UK) was first on the scene and discovered the balloons. Guests at the hotel had all seen what they thought was a paraglider fall into the water and were very concerned.”

The concern was real and the waters were not shallow when the report of balloons as a paraglider falling into the deep waters of the sea was made.

Written by Raj

July 7, 2009 at 7:33 pm

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